White Sneaker Cleaner

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Our new Sneaker Cleaner will make your white sneakers white again. We promise. 

This is the first spray cleaner made specifically for white designer sneakers made up of tiny bubbles that move up to 8,000 times per second. The technology relies on the movement of the bubbles to get that leather cleaned, not on harmful chemicals. 

It is anti-bacterial and will remove bacteria , dirt, stains and grime from your sneakers after every use. No bleach. Just clever patented science. 

How To: Spray directly onto leather & rubber parts of your sneaker. Leave for 15 seconds or more (so that the bubbles can work their cleaning magic) and then wipe off with a clean sponge or cloth. For more stubborn stains we recommend using a Magic Eraser with the spray for best results. 

Use this spray on leather sneakers, midsoles, the sides of the sole and the bottom of your sneakers. Avoid applying on any delicate materials such as ribbon, suede or soft material that will be damaged by liquid. 

With the Dermatest Seal of Approval, our product has been significantly tested to earn this award. It is dermatologically safe, water based and environmentally friendly. Biodegradable with no animal testing. 

Save Your Sole Sneaker Cleaner is a single pump spray (100mL/3.3oz).

Made in Germany. 

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