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How many times have you put on a new pair of heels, walked outside and ripped the leather on the back of the heel in a crack in the pavement? It happens to us every single time. 

Meet our new Heel Covers made to prevent damage to the back of your heels. It is a clear, slimline plastic cover that fits onto your heel to prevent ripping and tearing of the leather, where the damage would normally occur. 

Once the cover is in place use heat (we use a hairdryer) to shrink the cover to perfectly fit your heels for instant protection.

Made in the USA.

Each pack contains 6 individual heel covers (3 pairs of shoes) and can be cut to shape for your heel.  Each cover is 4 cm by 2 cm and will fit a heel shape of 2 cm wide or less. 

Instructions : To apply the heel, use scissors to cut to the length you need for your heel and then fit onto heel. Use heat to shrink the heel cover to fit your heel. To remove the heel cover, just use scissors to cut the plastic and remove with no damage to the heel. 

*Please note that this product will initially ship from the USA

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