Clear Designer Rubber Sole with Adhesive

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time The Clear Designer Rubber Sole is a clear protective sole made to protect your designer shoe sole that provides a seamless finish to match the original shoe sole.   

You can apply the sole directly to your shoe with the self adhesive sticker. Just peel off, stick onto your shoe sole, cut around the edges for your shoe shape and you are ready to go.

The sole has inbuilt grip to make your shoes easier to walk in, is ultra-thin which won't alter the look and feel of your shoes. Made to stick, the soles are a permanent protection solution.

How To Instructions :

The soles have a self adhesive stick on backing so you can either

* Trace your shoe shape onto the shiny sole, cut out & stick straight onto your sole or

* Stick the sole straight onto your shoe and cut around the edges for a perfect fit or

* Cut to any shape you need to provide grip and protection to your shoe soles

Made exclusively by Save Your Sole. From Italy. Quality Guaranteed. 

Each pack contains two soles of sole shape of 16.7cm by 10.8cm and can be easily cut to shape. (Will fit shoe soles up to women size 42/men size 43)

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